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Healthy Fats - the GOOD kind!

It might seem odd to hear that you should be eating fats to help manage your weight, but it is actually true! There are certain types of fat that you should be eating to get natural health benefits.

Avocado is top of my list for healthy fat. It tastes SO good that I have to make sure I don't overeat it or eat a ton of guacamole with tortilla chips. Talk about undoing the good! But I can add it to an open-face sandwich or into the blender for my daily shake.

I've added flaxseed to my diet - makes oatmeal and granola a little crunchier. An added bonus is that it helps lower blood pressure.

At least twice a week I eat fish as my main protein. The benefit of the omega 3's is huge - heart health, blood pressure health, helps promote "good" cholesterol and might even help to prevent diabetes.

Pecans are my fave nut to add to salads, oatmeal and light dinners. Next fave are walnuts. Love snacking on them with apple slices. Peanuts can be healthy if you eat the right kind. My favorite kind - dry roasted - are not exactly the healthiest choice as the additions of salt & oils kind of take away from the healthy fat. Choose boiled peanuts that you have to shell to get the best peanuts and only eat them in small amounts - an ounce is a good portion size.

I avoid fried food whenever possible because there is NO healthy fat involved. I substitute butter and oil with canola, olive, safflower or sesame oil. Sauteing requires just a small amount of one of these healthy fats. Dark sesame oil has become a fave as it imparts a very light nutty flavor to whatever I'm cooking.

Lastly, for me, adding seeds to my food - sunflower, flax, chia, sesame and pumpkin - has added interesting texture and flavor to yogurt parfaits, steamed veggies and chicken dishes. There are lots of great ones to choose from and as long as you keep a decent portion size - an ounce is a good one - they should be a good help in your weight loss journey.

If you have found any particular healthy fat to be of great benefit to you, please tell! You can comment below or reach out to me directly!


The opinions offered above are my own, based on my own personal experience with these healthy fats.

Should you wish to learn more about healthy fat versus bad fat, click on any of the links below for additional resources.

Harvard Edu - Know the Facts about Fats

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