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I hate this middle age spread!

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

One of my pet peeves about hitting my late 40’s was the consistent growth of my belly. Middle-age spread – it’s one thing to read about it, but quite another to be carrying it around with me all day, every day!! Now that I’m in my late 50’s I still have the same problem.

Sometimes it felt like a growing pregnancy – but without the baby. Nothing but fat, baby! Maybe you have also felt something like this. Have any of the statements below crossed your mind?

  • I am SO tired of this belly fat

  • my muffin top is more like a volcanic eruption

  • I want to wear my fave jeans comfortably

  • I am fed up of diets that either don’t work or only work short term

Well, I hear you! As you can see from the photos above, I had some belly fat I wanted to deal with. Using a super food shake, portion control – colored containers made it SO simple! – and quick at-home workouts, I lost both pounds and inches from my middle. And the best part? I kept them both off!

I am basically pretty lazy so counting calories and weighing everything I ate seemed like WAY too much work for me. Filling these containers with healthy food in portions that were good for me and worked together was EASY for me to do!

I was just so happy to get back into my jeans and to sit in them without feeling like my body was being split in two! The muffin top pretty much disappeared and my energy was great.

If you are ready to commit to fighting the middle-age spread, I will help you do it! When you feel like that doughnut you just ate has ruined your plans, I will help you get over it and back on track.

Drop a comment below and let me know that you are ready NOW!

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